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Welcome to my Website. The need to transform our societies towards sustainable development is becoming more and more urgent. Climate change, biodiversity, energy transition, resource conservation and environmental justice, all these issues are pressing and start to shape the political agenda. Therefore technological change is as important as lifestyle change and cultural change and a new economic order, that serves people and does not oppress, functionalize and alienate them from social and environmental needs. On this website, I want to share my ideas and experiences in the field of sustainable development in the scientific and political arena with you. Comments are welcome.

Reinhard Loske

Affiliations of Reinhard Loske

Witten/Herdecke University:

German Council on Foreign Relations:


New texts of Reinhard Loske on Post-growth strategies and the Sharing Economy

Post-growth thinking as a resource for a European union of sustainability - A contribution to the socio-ecological reorientation of Europe.

"Good Sharing. Bad Sharing. Why we need a political regulatory framework for the Sharing Economy",
Green House Think Tank:

"Why the Post-growth Debate Is Not a Wrong Turn", GAiA

English Books by Reinhard Loske

Cover: "The Good Society without Growth. Why Green Growth ist not Enough"

The Good Society without Growth
Basilisken-Presse, Rangsdorf 2013

"Reinhard Loske advocates the formation of innovative transition towns featuring social banking, taxation according to environmental consumption rather than labour, and an enforced basic income."

Sherelle Jacobs im "Guardian"

Fairness in a Fragile World
Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Berlin 2002

"The Memorandum argues that there can be no poverty eradication without a healthy environment."

Cover: "Fairness in a Fragile World"
Cover: "Greening the North"

Greening the North
A Post-Industrial Blueprint for Ecology and Equity
Zed Books London, 1999

"Greening the North has the potential to spark off a global debate on how the futur of the world can be secured."

Anil Agarwal, Center for Science and Environment, New Delhi

Reinhard Loske on Post-Growth Strategies and a Sustainable Economy in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

During his series of lectures in Brazil, Reinhard Loske discussed with NGO activists, researchers and unionists about degrowth and green growth strategies. Here you find his presentation and the following debate in English on Youtube:

Reinhard Loske on Sustainability and Transformation Strategies

Reinhard Loske on the Role of Economic Instruments in Environmental Policy